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discount Silicone Tape

Publicado: Vie May 10, 2019 3:50 am
por rengzhen
1. Product Description
Silicone polyimide tape TFPOLY-2560-SC, also named as kapton tapes likely for Class H (180℃) insulation, is made of high quality polyimide film as base material (backing) and pressure sensitive silicone as coated adhesive. It is of well voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and solvent resistance.
2. Application
Silicone polyimide tapes (kapton tape likely) is widely used as soft Class H of 180℃ insulation material to wrap motor, transformer and cable. It is highly accepted by worldwide customers for more than 10 years.
3. Advantage
√ Stable quality, exporting worldwide for more than 10 years;
√ Reasonable price to distributors and end users;
√ Guaranteed lead time
√ Professional customer service
4. Technical Data
Base MaterialPolyimide (0.025mm)Polyimide (0.050mm)
AdhesiveSilicone (0.035mm)Silicone (0.030mm)
Total Thickness0.06mm±0.005mm0.06mm±0.080mm
Length33M ±0.5m (Standard)33M ±0.5m (Standard)
Width500mm ±0.2mm
1000mm ±0.2mm500mm ±0.2mm
1000mm ±0.2mm
Adhesion Strength7N/25mm (Average)7N/25mm (Average)
Tensile Strength≥75N/25mm≥150N/25mm
Dielectric Breakdown≥5KV≥6KV
Temperature Resistance268℃ (Class H)268℃ (Class H)
5.Storage Condition
Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 15℃~30℃, 65%RH.
Shelf life is 12 months after production date.
Sample: free sample for small rolls, freight collect.
MOQ: no MOQ.discount Silicone Tape